Awards & Recognition

Designed and developed in Australia in the early 1990s, Rapidwall was awarded the prestigious "2009 Global Gypsum Product of the Year" award and was recognised as a "Good Practice" by the United Nations Habitat business awards for sustainable urbanization.

Business Award Category: Affordable Housing
Focus Area: Land and Housing
Theme: Building Materials and Technology

Rapid Wall, a recyclable, low cost, high strength building panel is recognized as environmentally friendly, affordable and sustainable solution to housing needs in emerging economies. Rapidwall is a large load bearing and patented building panel that offers a rapid construction at a price that is 25 to 30% less than traditional building methods. Hundreds of Rapidwall structures have been completed in Australia and China and include housing units as well as commercial, institutional and industrial buildings. Technologically, Rapidwall is a leading edge product; it has all the benefits of ease of construction and ecological soundness but without the problems associated with traditional building products such as high energy use, not easily recyclable and high carbon use in their manufacture. Rapidwall when produced from chemical waste gypsum takes an environmentally harmful product and turns it into a useful environmentally safe and friendly building panel that can be recycled.