Rapidwall Product Overview


Glass Fibre Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG), commercially known as Rapidwall, is a light-weight load-bearing precast panel technology, that offers cost effective and fast building solutions for many residential, commercial and industrial applications. Rapidwall has been developed in Australia since 1990 by M/s Rapid Building System PTY Ltd (RBS) who own the world-wide patent for the technology. Horizons Industrial Development Co. L.L.C. (HIDC) is the company with exclusive manufacturing rights of Rapidwall for Oman and UAE.

Rapidwall is manufactured in a moulding process, from high grade gypsum plaster and glass-fibre rovings to a size of 12 metres long by 3 metres high by 124 millimetres thick. The hollow sections, or voids, have 250 millimetre centres. The panels are cut in the factory to design specifications to a maximum tolerance of 5 millimetres. After cutting, the panels are loaded onto collapsible frames called stillages ready for transport to the building site. Up to 500m² of Rapidwall can be transported on one truck, as it just weighs 40 kg/m2. For installation, the panels are lowered into position using a small crane and supported by props until the structure is completed. The formed cells can be filled with insulation for increased thermal performance or with concrete for increased load-bearing structural capacity.

Rapidwall Uses

Rapidwall panels are generally used structurally in six ways:

  • As a lightweight load-bearing walling product in cottage construction- the panels can be used with or without non-structural core-filling such as insulation, sand, polyurethane or lightweight concrete;
  • As prefabricated permanent-formwork for high capacity vertical and shear load-bearing structural walling- the panel’s cores are filled with concrete, either reinforced or not, to provide load-bearing walls in medium-rise residential constructions of up to twenty storeys;
  • As partitions- the panels can be insulated for use in hospitals and offices;
  • As fencing- the panels can be used from ground level with inserted SHS structural posts embedded into the ground. Alternatively, the Rapidwall panels can be trenched and filled with sand without a need for foundations;
  • As cladding- for industrial buildings or sports facilities, etc.
  • As suspended slab formwork- used in this way the panels become the flush plaster ceiling.
Rapidwall Advantages
  • Affordable cost & quick construction
  • Durable & long-lasting
  • Scientifically tested
  • Withstands fire
  • High savings in embodied energy
  • Environment friendly green building material
  • Good thermal insulation leading to cooler homes and lower bills
  • Excellent acoustic properties

Property name : Unfilled Rapidwall® panels

  • Uni-axial compressive strength φRu : 100 kN/m

    Note : Strength obtained from longitudinal compression/tension tests with ribs extending in the longitudinal direction

  • Uni-axial tensile strength φRu : 28.8 kN/m

    Note : Strength obtained from longitudinal compression/tension tests with ribs extending in the longitudinal direction

  • Out-of-plane flexural rigidity EI, rib parallel to span : 3.5×1011 Nmm2/m

  • Out-of-plane flexural rigidity EI, rib perpendicular to span : 1.7×1011 Nmm2/m

  • Unit weight : 40 kg/m2

  • Thermal expansion coefficient : 12×10-6 mm/mm/°C

  • Water absorption : 5%

    Notes : Water absorption by weight % after 24 hours of immersion

Property name : Rapidwall® panels filled with 25 MPa concrete in all the cores

  • Uni-axial compressive strength φRu : 890 kN/m

    Notes : Obtained from longitudinal compression tests with ribs in the longitudinal direction

Out-of-plane flexural properties of unfilled Rapidwall® panels

Ribs parallel to span : Ribs perpendicular to span :
Design moment capacity φM 1.6 kNm/m 3.5 ×1011 Nmm2/m
Flexural rigidity EI 0.7 kNm/m 1.7×1011 Nmm2/m

Shear strength of vertical Rapidwall® panels

Application Shear Capacity φR (kN/m)
Unfilled Rapidwall® Panel 10.5
Rapidwall® Panel Filled with 25MPa Concrete 28.5

Sound Transmission Class (STC) values of various forms of Rapidwall® construction

Construction STC
Single leaf Rapidwall® unfilled 28
Single leaf concrete-filled Rapidwall® 45

Thermal Resistance (R) values of various forms of Rapidwall® construction

Construction R (m2K/W)
Single leaf Rapidwall® unfilled 0.36
Single leaf Rapidwall® filled with 20MPa normal concrete 0.25
Single leaf Rapidwall® filled with light weight concrete 0.6
Fire Rating

As per above Oman Civil Defence certificate:

  • 4-hour fire rating for concrete-filled Rapidwall
  • 2-hour fire rating for insulation-filled Rapidwall